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Hi All,

Here is a list of legacies that change upon imbuement:

This is good for planning lvl 100 Legendary Weapons. This can also help in planning to make Swap pieces for must have legacies for Raids.

Imbued Legacy Pre imbuement Legacy Major/Minor Item Class

Explosive Arrow Damage Merciful Shot Cooldown Major Bow Hunter
Swift Bow Damage Distracting Shot CooldownMinor Bow Hunter
Barrage Damage Needful Haste Duration Major Melee Hunter
Bubble Potency Low Cut Bleed Chance Minor Melee Hunter
Rain of Arrows Damage AOE Skills Max Targets Major Melee Hunter
Stance: Precision Finesse Stealth Detection Minor Melee Hunter

Addle Tactical Damage Debuff Addle Induction Multiplier Minor Class Burglar
Coup de Grâce Critical Rating CDG Mark Duration Minor Class Burglar
Critical Chain Skills Critical Rating CC Skills Crit Chance Major Class Burglar
Dust in the Eyes Miss Chance Pulse Modifier for Glee Major Class Burglar
Purge Corruption Damage Spec Skill Crit Duration Buff Major Class Burglar
Reveal Weakness Inc Damage Debuff Reveal Weakness Range Minor Class Burglar

Battle-hardened Incoming Damage and Battles States & Defeat
In Defence of Middle-earth Stat Buffs Response Duration Minor Melee Captain
Battle-hardened Outgoing
Healing Buff Pressing Attack Max Targets Major Melee Captain
Battle-readied Damage Buff Make Haste Duration Minor Melee Captain
Bleed Skills Critical Damage Bleed Pulses Minor Class Captain
Shield of the Dúnedain
Incoming Healing Shield of Dunedain Duration Minor Class Captain

Bombastic Inspiration Heal Glorious Foreshadowing Duration Minor Stone RK
Sustaining Bolt Damage Chill of Winter Debuff Duration Minor Stone RK
Vivid Imagery Damage Vivid Imagery Targets Minor Stone RK
Epic Conclusion Damage Chilling Rhetoric Cooldown Minor Class RK

Light Damage Discordant Ballads Stance Swap Buff Minor Class Mini

Hamstring Damage Hamstring Duration Minor Melee Champ
Second Wind Power Restore Sudden Defense Cooldown Minor Melee Champ
Sprint Evade Rating Sprint Duration Minor Melee Champ
Exchange of Blows Melee Damage Great Cleave Duration Minor Class Champ

Nature's Fury Skill Damage Burning Embers Range Minor Staff LM
Ring of Fire Damage Cracked Earth Range Major Staff LM
Charged Air Reflect Damage Fire Lore Debuff Strength Minor Class LM
Light-type Damage and
Lightning-type Damage Bane Flare Targets Minor Class LM

Hampering Javelin Reset Chance Hampering Javelin Duration Minor Melee Warden
Marked Target Double-cast Chance Marked & Dim Tgt Debuff Major Melee Warden
Persevere Block Rating Shield Gambit Buff Duration Major Melee Warden
Spear Gambit Parry Rating Spear Gambit Parry Rating Major Melee Warden
Adroit Manoeuvre Damage Adroit Manoeuvre Duration Minor Javelin Warden
Careful Step Movement Speed Penalty Careful Step Duration Minor Javelin Warden
Fist Gambit Skill Damage Fist Gambit Buff Duration Major Javelin Warden
Shield Piercer Evade Debuff Chance Shield Piercer Duration Minor Javelin Warden

Area Effect Skill Damage Guardian Effect Melee Targets Major Melee Guard
Shield-swipe Critical Rating Charge Duration Minor Melee Guard
Sweeping Cut Critical Rating Guardians Ward Duration Major Melee Guard
Warrior's Heart Max Morale Warrior Heart/Fortitude Duration Minor Melee Guard
Adaptability Block and Parry Rating Catch a Breath Cooldown Major Class Guard
Light Damage War Chant Duration Minor Class Guard
Reactive Parry Damage Challenge Targets Major Class Guard
Stagger Damage Stagger Effect Duration Minor Class Guard

Bee Swarm Critical Defence Debuff Bee Swarm Buff Duration Minor Melee Bear
Call To Wild Physical Mastery Call to Wild Duration Major Melee Bear
Thickened Hide Tactical Mitigation Thickened Hide Duration Major Melee Bear
Cry Damage Grisly Cry Fear Duration Minor Class Bear
Rush Evade Rating Rush Duration Minor Class Bear

Best Regards,
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Great post Syr.

Here is a link that may be easier to analyze visually.

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