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Hi all!

I've been noticing that there have been a few new Warden recruits added to the kin roster lately so I decided to make a small guide as it seems that I am the resident 115 Warden main now.

I don't plan on making this an in-depth guide, more as a "get to know the class" or a Warden FAQ more bluntly. Mordor nerfed Wardens quite a bit but in the right hands they can still be a formidable class!

So lets start with the basics.

What IS a Warden?
Traditionally, in game terms, the Warden was designed primarily as a solo-orientated class. Wardens are by far the fastest class in game, being able to run at an amazing +38%, allowing them to run in-between situations and help dispose of dastardly foes and run back off into the sunset.

The Warden's primary stat is agility (not might!) and they use medium armour. Warden's are also the only class that can use Warden's Shields (duh) and javelins as a ranged weapon.

Wardens have one primary function and with the way it's set up, one secondary function:
Primary: DPS
Secondary: Tank

Wardens simply do not have enough essential requirements to make them a good tank class. We lack the mighty heavy armour and only have one primary taunt (Defiant Challenge). So if you are going to tank as a Warden, it is recommend that you only really do so as an off-tank when the primary tank (Guardian) needs an extra hand or if the instance is easy enough for you to handle.

Most of the time as a Warden you will be delegated to a DPS role within the game. Warden DPS is a special kind of DPS in that we primarily rely on BLEEDS as our primary source of damage.
Wardens are also blessed with multiple powerful AoE (area of effect) DPS skills.
The DPS of a Warden is lackluster when in the presence of a single enemy, however, if you try and fight 5 or more enemies at once you will quickly see that your DPS has increased tenfold! This is not always recommend however, as sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew due to the lack of heavy armour.

What the Heck is a Gambit!?
Ah the Gambit, the illustriously frustrating combo tool only used by Wardens.

As you may know, Warden skills do not function the same way every other class does. Wardens rely on a 'Gambit System', which is using a combination of three attacks to form much longer and powerful combos.
Some of them require careful memorization while others are merely repeats of each other.

For example:
  • Warden's Taunt + Shield Bash = War-cry
  • Warden's Taunt + Shield Bash + Taunt + Bash + Taunt = Desolation
While those ones are pretty easy to remember, there are more difficult ones in the Warden's arsenal!

For example:
  • Warden's Taunt + Quick Thrust + Shield Bash + Taunt + Bash = Exultation of Battle
  • Quick Thrust + Warden's Taunt + Shield Bash + Thrust + Taunt = Warden's Triumph

Come level 21, every Warden gains access to Gambit Masteries, and at level 24 gains Battle Preparation.
These skills are particularly handy as Mastery skills allow you to add two gambits at once to your chain without using the three basic skills and battle preparation allows you to build a gambit outside of combat before you charge in!

They are particularly important because it allows you to get a good hit in before having to spend time building your gambit back up.

Warden Stances
Warden stances are a very simple thing in game as of today as there are only two of them to choose from! (In the past there was about five so lets all feel lucky.) It is physically impossible for a Warden to not be in a stance (they wont let you) so be sure to be in the correct one for your spec or you'll be in trouble (we'll go into specs in the next section).

Into the Fray:
-This is your primary melee fighting stance and is used for both Determination and Recklessness. It gives you increased melee damage, in-combat power regen, and makes you fight faster!

-This is your primary ranged fighting stance and is used for the spec of the same name. Assailment is a bit weaker than Into the Fray as the only thing it does is change your melee gambits into ranged ones.

Warden Specs
Like every class in the game, the Warden gets to choose from three distinct specifications that determines their role in combat.

-This is your primary tank spec. It is the weakest out of all three of the specs but is the most survivable. Use this if put into any type of tanking situation as it will make your life a lot easier.

-This is your primary DPS spec. It is the most powerful of the three and gives many different boosts towards bleed damage and gambit damage. For a DPS group role or just plain soloing this is the one your going to spend a majority of your time with so get to know it well!

-This is the spec that gives you a bunch of boosts to ranged damage and is the spec that needs a lot of fixing. It is the weakest of the three specs in all aspects and should only be used when deeding in low level areas.

Closing Remarks
Wardens are a rather unique class in that they are rather difficult to play. You need to "WANT" to play Warden if you are going to even get past level 10. They are the most difficult class to play in the game by far due to the intricacies of the bleed DPS system and the plethora of gambits that you need to know. You do get all of your gambits by level 80 so that is 35 levels you have to get to know them very well.

I hope this guide is helpful to any new Wardens in our kin as I am not the greatest at these types of things so if you need any more explainations on anything don't hesitate to ask me on here or in-game!

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This is a great guide, Damd. Well done!
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
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