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#13732355 Apr 13, 2018 at 04:09 PM
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Sad news from Melandrel, read the unedited chat log, this keeps it simple for all :

[Kinship] Melandrel: Hey Everybody, I have some kinda sad news.
[Kinship] Gmanimli: hi!
[Kinship] Lanthardol: hey mel *hugs*
[Kinship] Gmanimli: Share the news, we're here for support
[Kinship] Melandrel: Well, for personal reasons, I can't play LOTRO anymore. I might pop in but not much. There is literally so much going on
[Kinship] Gmanimli: :(
[Kinship] Gmanimli: you take the time off you need! we'll be here when you are back :)
[Kinship] Melandrel: haha thanks. I love you guys!
[Kinship] Lashal: Take care, mel!
[Kinship] Melandrel: Thx
[Kinship] Lanthardol: I think I can speak for everyone when I say we will miss you and your hugs
[Kinship] Gmanimli: half the time I'm online just for the chat box lol doing other things
[Kinship] Gmanimli: O.o
[Kinship] Gmanimli: HUGS! noooooooooooo I forgot the huuuuuuuuuuugs
[Kinship] Melandrel: Carry on my tradition keep it alive
[Kinship] Melandrel: :)
[Kinship] Lanthardol: I'll try
[Kinship] Melandrel: Bye y'all

We all going to miss her and hope she'll find us back soon (This also apply to you Cinx! but we know you're coming back lol)

We created an album where you can all post picture of Mel if you want or have any.
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