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#13804844 Jun 30, 2018 at 09:08 AM
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Kin AH Guidelines/Kin Chest:

We use the Kinship Auction House (Kin AH) as an extension of the Kinship Chest (Kinchest). The purpose of both is to provide a means to collect and distribute useful items to our Members for free or virtually free. For this reason the going sale price, for anything, on the Kin AH is usually ONE silver coin. You also may use it to sell items below market to fellow Kin members if you cant sell it in Kin Chat quickly.

Items received from the Kinchest along with any items from AH that were listed at 1 Silver Buy Out are for the personal use of our members and NOT to be resold for profit. Doing so is inappropriate and clearly a Violation of Rule #3. ALL of the Eriador Maps, Mordor Maps & Capt R Journals are to be utilized by any member then promptly replaced so that other members can enjoy the 25 LP and 600 Marks it bestows to all LP Farming Toons at level 15.
#13806147 Jul 02, 2018 at 07:35 AM
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In general i put items on the kin-AH for a buyout price that equals the auction fee (for putting the items on auction).
I hope this is ok for you as it rarely exceeds around 60 silver.
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