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What is this event you said? It's a 4 day event that unleashed you inner treasure hunter! It happens twice a year (Next event scheduled for July 18) and has some great prizes.

So what are you playing for? Motes of Enchantment, Cosmetics, Housing items, Emotes, Titles, Pets and Rare Mounts. Unlike the main festival, this event doesn't offer XP or new Instances. So now you know and can decide if you want to spend time here or not.

The way it works, you get two quests on site. They give you:

Picks, you need them to dig a hole, don't waste them and you might want to use Claws and Gems to increase your chances of success

Cave-Claws, once drop it will sniff the biggest treasure around.

Gems, use it on a dig site and it will tell you how big of a treasure it is.

Every 15 minutes, the 2 quest reset and you can do them again to get more items... this allows you to get 4 picks each time.

Each dig site has the possibility of a Small, Medium, Large or Huge treasure cache. The dig site resets once someone find the Huge cache.


First, I gather the items over and over with each quest, I don't waste time running back and forth non stop. At the end of each day I end up with 100-150 pick axes, that's a lot of axes to dig site up. I go nuts and dig everything, this works out really well and generates a lot of loot. Huge cache isn't always the goal, it normally means better loot yes but quantity wins over quality in this event.

Second part of the strategy is not waste any token until the end of the festival. If you'll grind it and open 100 cache daily, most item from the store with drop anyway, I bought a mount with token only to get one free in a cache next day and its bound to toon not to account so I have a dumb useless mount in my inventory reminding me not to waste tokens until the end. lol

Lastly, pay attention to your fellow treasure hunters, if someone drops a cave claw to find the best dig site, just move away, he's obviously going to get the best treasure around, move to another area. And pay attention to the location of the dig-site, don't drop a cave-claw where there's only 2-3 dig-site, just a waste, find a spot with 5+ dig-site around for the cave-claws. Under 5 dig-site in a small area, use gems or just dig everything up.

Except for mounts, all other items are normally bound to account so you can easily send emotes and cosmetic from toon to toon. It's up to you if you want to alt hop over and over, I did that at first and my useless toons got all the good stuff not my main. lol

For a more detailed guide I invite you to read this one
LOTRO Buried Treasure Event Guide by FibroJedi

Thanks it!

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