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#13965385 Feb 14, 2019 at 11:30 PM · Edited 6 months ago
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Good day all!

Thank you all for all your donations so far, I'm proud to say we have over 90 different Crafting stacks to share with the kin, you've been unbelievable!!

Remember donations should go to SCWarehouse.

If you are wondering what crafting mats we need the most, here's a list. This doesn't mean you have a job to do, it just mean if you got nothing to do and feel like volunteering your time, here's what you can waste it on! LOL

It's also useful for myself when I monitor the AH I never remember what to look for so it's more like my personal shopping list.

Here's the list of items we are low on (if any at all):

(Last updated Feb 19, 2019)

Rowan Branches
Thin Rowan Board
Logs of Ash Wood
Thin Ash Boards
Logs of Yew Wood
Thin Yew Boards
Thin Lebethron Boards
Logs of Black Ash Wood
Thin Black Ash Boards
Logs of Ilex Wood
Thin Ilex Board
Logs of Birch Wood
Thin Birch Boards
Logs of Oak Wood
Thin Oak Boards
Logs of Walnut Wood
Thin Walnut Boards
Logs of Poplar Wood
Poplar Boards

Brushed Riddermark Leathers
Ironfold Hides
Brushed Ironfold Leathers

Chunks of Copper Ore
Chunks of Barrow-iron Ore
Barrow-iron Ingot
Chunks of Rich Iron Ore
Rich Iron Ingots
Chunks of Gold Ore
Gold Ingots
Dwarf-iron Ingots
Chunks of Ancient Iron Ore
Chunks of Ancient Silver Ore
Ancient Iron Ingots
Ancient Silver Ingot
Chunks of Khazâd-gold Ore
Khazâd-copper Ingot
Khazâd-gold Ingot
Chunks of Khazâd-iron Ore
Khazâd-iron Ingot
Chunks of Calenard Skarn
Low-grade Calenard Ingot
Chunk of Riddermark Skarn
Low-grade Riddermark Ingot
Chunks of Anórien Skarn
Anórien Ingot

Green Garnets
Red Agates

Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text
Scrap of Rohirric Text
Tattered Rohirric Parchment
Tattered Ironfold Parchments

#13967311 Feb 17, 2019 at 11:12 PM
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the undecipherable moon-letters are crafted did you need the t5 base drop of elf-carvings?
#13967643 Feb 18, 2019 at 08:18 AM
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good catch, this is why I shouldn't update post in the middle of the night lol
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